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Breast Augmentation

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Why Have Breast Augmentation? Why Do Women Want Breast Augmentation?

There is a general misunderstanding of why women want breast implants to begin with: there may be loss of breast volume and shape after breastfeeding the kids; the woman with no breast tissue may wish for breasts that are more proportionate and natural for her body; a woman may have lost a lot of weight and with it, lost all of her breasts; she may want to look less masculine; there may be asymmetry; or she may well want larger breasts that fit her self-image.

$500 Off Breast Augmentation

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Sientra® Implants

Until recently, women have been limited to only a few options for breast implants in the United States by only two manufacturers. However, Sientra® is a new kind of breast implant company that caters exclusively to board-certified plastic surgeons. Sientra® offers diversified choices for silicone breast implants featuring several profile options for a customized look.

The Sientra® brand has been developed with over 33 years of advanced product testing and research and are FDA approved. Sientra implants are Made in the USA, have the lowest rupture rates and the strongest safety profile on the market.

They are available for women who wish to undergo breast augmentation and/or breast reconstruction.

Sientra® silicone breast implants use a cohesive gel matrix which will not bleed out in the event of a rupture or implant shell failure.

Your Sientra® Limited Warranty and Product Replacement Program includes:

Platinum 20

  • It is the most comprehensive warranty, longest length of coverage with the highest financial assistance available amongst all implant brands.
  • Safety is our number one priority.
  • Rupture is a 20 year warranty with up to $5000 in financial assistance.
  • Capsular Contracture is covered for 20 years (and $2000 in financial assistance if it happens within the first two years).

$500 Off Breast Augmentation

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Implant Size

Your current breast size and body shape will have a significant influence on the size and type of implant used for your procedure; you don’t want a breast that is too big or too small. Dr. Stephens’ innate artistic sensibility as well as using dimensional analysis to determine breast base width and shape starts the process of deciding on the size and the type of the implant. In your consultation, we use the concept of dimensional breast analysis, which describes your breast size and shape as well as the relationship of your breast with your chest and body type. We review the concept of the “breast footprint,” or the base width diameter, of the breast and how this relates to the ideal width of your implant to provide the desired and proportionate result. We review how the different profiles of the breast implants affect the augmented breast size and shape.

$500 Off Breast Augmentation

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