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State of the Art Radiofrequency, (Fractional) Microneedling

The field of aesthetics and plastic surgery has seen many advances in the area of effective minimally invasive treatments. We continue to incorporate “leading-edge” devices with proven predictable results that provide significant benefits for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.

People often inquire about their desire to improve skin laxity and sagging without surgery.

Morpheus8 Actual Patient Profile

Radiofrequency skin treatments have become known as and most effective solutions for non-surgical skin tightening. The Morpheus8™ is the latest and most advanced fractional radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening device available. This minimally invasive device offers exceptional results with little pain and downtime. The Morpheus8™ can be used for all Fitzpatrick skin types and complexions and promotes a fast recovery with minimal risk of complications.

A Morpheus8 ™ treatment slows and reverses the loss of collagen in the skin while replenishing new collagen and elastic tissue to the skin, reversing the effects of aging. It is effective in treating deep wrinkles, lines and pores and especially tightening the skin. It is hands down, the best treatment available for deep acne scars, and as well as an effective treatment for active acne.

What Is Morpheus8™? (What About Fractora™?)

Morpheus8™ is an improvement to our previous, very effective Fractora™ RF microneedling system. LIke Fractora™, it is “fractionated,” meaning it works by placing a matrix of microneedles into the deeper layers of the skin followed by an instantaneous high-temperature RF pulse that is generated between the matrix of needles and the electrodes alongside them. This dramatically and safely tightens and smooths the skin by shrinking the collagen in the dermis and stimulates the production of new collagen and elastic fibers for six months and longer following the treatment. Morpheus8™ differs from other RF devices as it has thin and longer, adjustable depth, radiofrequency needles that provide a larger treatment area of the skin and superficial subcutaneous tissue. The needles can also be adjusted to go deeper than other fractional RF devices to remodel the subcutaneous layers of superficial fat that lies under the skin to shrink the skin and correct textural and contour problems. It is effective throughout the body as well as the face and neck. You can actually have your cake and eat it too because there is little discomfort, minimal downtime, and an amazingly fast and uneventful recovery. Because of this, there is no risk of damaging or causing irreversible changes to the skin surface.

This unique, non-aggressive, minimally invasive approach is unequaled for skin tightening and lifting in face and neck contouring. The fact that it can tighten and contour the skin throughout the body is a double bonus, and it can be combined with other procedures to improve their results, such as Cellfina® and BodyTite®. Morpheus8™ leaves your skin significantly firmer and more toned than previously possible.

Morpheus8 Actual Patient Back

What Is Skin Aging? Why Is the Morpheus8™ RF Such an Important Advance?

Skin aging occurs early in life! Studies show that there are visible-textural and microscopic signs of skin aging as early as the mid to the late twenties This is accelerated with increased exposure to UV light, smoking, nutritional, and environmental damage. While genetics and ethnicity plays a role, lifestyle and UV exposure are far and away the most crucial aging factorm, as demonstrated by twin studies. Skin aging results in the loss and disruption of collagen fibers as well as elastic tissue within the dermis called elastosis. Normally, elastic and collagen fibers give the skin its remarkable ability to stretch and return to its original state; resulting in its suppleness and smoothness. Aging results in changes within the epidermis, causing pigmentation irregularities and smoothness. It is the loss of these important fibers in the dermis that age the skin. In addition, there is a supporting network of collagen fibers in the subcutaneous tissue that surrounds the fatty globules that support the skin. These atrophy and weaken the subcutaneous support, much like a worn-out cushion.

Morpheus Actual Patient Eyes

Morpheus8™ reverses skin and subcutaneous tissue aging by stimulating collagen and elastic tissue production through radiofrequency application within a matrix of microneedles that can go as deep as four millimeters. Using an established principle of radiofrequency (RF), which describes the creation of instantaneous bursts of high temperatures generated through the passing of a brief electrical current, Morpheus8™ tightens the deeper layers of the dermis of the skin and collagen network in the subcutaneous tissue to produce new collagen and elastic fibers while shrinking the existing fibers. The depth can be varied to target the deep layers of the skin and then adjusted to go even deeper into the superficial layers of the subcutaneous tissue. This advancement allows for increased remodeling of the skin and a more powerful degree of tightening over other RF devices. Morpheus 8 has been approved as a Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device because the needles can be adjusted into the deeper subcutaneous tissue.

Morpheus8 Actual Patient Chin

Morpheus8 Effectively Treats Acne and Acne Scars!

Morpheus8™ has been proven to be very effective in treating severe active acne, cystic acne, and acne scarring! The high temperatures generated by the needle matrix kills the acne-forming bacteria, eliminating the bacteria as it shrinks the cysts and ducts in the skin. Published studies have shown a dramatic change in active acne and skin improvement after treatment with Morpheus8. Since it targets the deeper layers of skin dermis and subcutaneous tissue where there is scarring, Morpheus8 is very effective in shrinking, remodeling, and correcting acne scars in the same way as traditional microneedling (but is more powerful and effective). It also corrects wrinkles and irregular skin texture, and reduces pore size.

No matter your age or ethnic background Morpheus8™ has been proven to work for most skin types. (It has been found to have greater clinical efficiency for patients with darker skin types than other conventional resurfacing procedures due to the preservation and less disruption of the epidermis).

Do you want tighter skin without having to go through the intensity of a facelift? Dr. Stephens’ application of this state-of-the-art treatment may be just right for you! Contact Dr. Stephens to set up a consultation by calling (425) 455-0444.

Bridging the Gap: Can I Have a Morpheus8™ Treatment Instead of a Facelift?

Morpheus8™ is the perfect anti-aging treatment for the beginning stages of jowls and sagging skin in our face and neck. Morpheus8™ offers a powerful way to improve facial aging and skin laxity in the younger, “in between,” patient who isn’t ready for a facelift or doesn’t need a facelift because of their reasonable skin quality. It fills that gap to tighten and lift the skin. And in an older patient who doesn’t have optimal skin, it can bridge that gap to give a conservative lift with skin tightening.

Morpheus8 Actual Patient Neck Side

Morpheus8 Actual Patient Neck Front

Morpheus8™ is also a great adjunct for facelift maintenance because it improves skin tightening and maintains skin tone as an ongoing beauty care regimen.

How Many Morpheus8™ Treatments Do I Need? What About Recovery?

Generally, three treatments are required over a short time interval of four to six weeks. However, even a single treatment may be adequate for some patients and will help regardless. The effects of treatment vary from individual to individual depending on their skin quality—an assessment of your skin can be done at your consultation. Maintenance treatments can be adjusted according to the rate of aging through the years as aging varies.

The recovery of Morpheus8™ is surprisingly fast and uneventful. Swelling is typically minimal, and redness usually lasts for less than a week on the face, neck, and other areas. Superficial bruises may occur around the eyes, but these are typically small. Small needle marks may be visible in the neck and body that persist for days to a week or longer. Patients will find that redness will subside significantly within just a few days.

Morpheus8 Actual Patient Knees

Morpheus8™ is unique for its versatility, as each treatment can be customized to the patient. Higher settings appropriate for more severe skin concerns may yield longer-lasting results but come with an extended period of redness. Still, this should only persist for a week or less.

Interested in Morpheus8™ in Bellevue, Washington?

At Stephens Plastic Surgery Center, we welcome you to ask questions about Morpheus8™ at any time.

If you want to learn more about Morpheus8™ or the medical skin care products we offer in Bellevue, call our team at (425) 455-0444 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

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